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Bet365 is the UK’s 7th largest privately held company. It started its Australian operations in 2012. Though UK Gambling Commission regulates the company in the United Kingdom, its Aussie operations are licensed and regulated by Northern Territory Racing Commission.

The company boasts a staggering 7 million-customer base and has 1900 employees taking care of its operations in 200 countries throughout the world.

Despite the fact that live betting or in-play betting are also not allowed by Australian law, players who want to make use of the feature can go for it only through phone betting. Join Here

Australian Bet365

Bet365 never allows online in-play betting. One of the greatest advantages that Australians get with Bet365 is that they can make use of POLi as their preferred deposit method. Yet another advantage is that the minimum bank transfer has been reduced to $20 as opposed to $200.00.

This is perfect for those who are new to online, phone betting, and do not want to risk too much in a game of probability.

Bet365 makes it a point that all transactions for Australian customers are made through an Australian bank. This eliminates any international transaction fees associated with money transfer. This is actually a rare feature and is not available with many of the competing bookmakers operating on Australian soil. Using an Australian bank has another advantage.

Money transfer time is reduced to 2-4 days as opposed to 7-10 days required in case of international bank transfers.

Coming to the basics, the bookmaker has covered everything very well. The bookie has rock solid privacy policies in place and uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to ensure that all financial data are secured from online threats.

The bookie provides very deep market coverage for both racing and sporting events and the Australian wing is completed geared towards the needs of Australian sports fans and punters.

What Makes Bet365 Standout From The Herd?

Australian Bet365

Some of the few interesting highlights of Bet365 have already been mentioned but here are a few more:

Bet365 Australia

Final Conclusion:

The best way to explain the Bet365’s services is to use an adjective – ‘exotic betting experience’. This alone should be enough to send the message that Bet365 is one of the most highly recommended bookmakers operating in Australia. Join Here