Betstar In Detail

We intend to disrupt the usual pattern with this review of online betting agency Betstar, and put the conclusion at the beginning. We will follow that with the details that led to our conclusion. Join Betstar



We can find no reason, objective or subjective, for eliminating Betstar from consideration by anyone seeking a membership with an online bookmaker.

Betstar’s website and mobile wagering platforms are as good as or better than those of any of the other Australian online wagering concerns. Low minimum account deposits of $10 and the ability to accept wagers of as little as 50-cents are strong incentives. The Betstar branded Visa is the ultimate in terms of convenience when it comes time to access winnings or deposits.

Betstar has the leading offering when it comes to racing codes, especially the gallopers, domestic and international, a holdover from Betstar’s earlier days when initially launched by the father-son team of rail maker bookies Michael and Alan Eskander.

The general perception of Betstar lacking promotions is given disproportionate importance and we feel as though this criterion is not critical to the degree to a critical negative. Betstar’s sports margins, on average are slightly higher than the industry norm, but they fall right into the range so long as you do not want to punt on tennis.

For the novice who wants a non-threatening environment in which to acclimatise to online betting and the casual punter who wants an occasional foray into the major events, Betstar is a valid choice. For the high volume punter, Betstar membership is almost an essential piece of the picture.

Betstar Background

The Eskanders inaugurated Betstar in 2007 after they had made a name for themselves as authoritative sources for racing odds information through their years of experience on the rails.

They joined the trend of multinational bookmakers acquiring Australian agencies in 2014 when Ladbrokes came into the picture, seeking ready access to one of the best punting markets in the world.

Betstar Analysis

Even if you have never visited the website of an online agency before, even if you have nothing more than the most rudimentary computer skills and precious little understanding of punting, less than 10 minutes on the Betstar website will change all that.

Granted, the website, with its three-column layout that is so familiar to online punters, is like many of the Betstar competitors. It just feels to us that there is a little bit extra there, from the form guide that provides information and fabulous entertainment value for the statistically obsessed amongst us, to the pristine and unobtrusive betting slip which can be gracefully hidden when not needed, to the uncluttered layout and professional graphics and fonts, everything on the website is thoroughly thought out and optimised.

Betstar Mobile Wagering

This topic seems to be exceedingly popular with the mobility obsessed that includes the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and most certainly the Millennials who have elevated mobile device obsession to a generation-defining level.

All that we members of the older set would say with regard to mobile wagering with Betstar is that all the positive things we had to say about their website are seconded in spades for their mobile platforms. We downloaded and installed the Android version, and in less than five minutes, we felt a level of comfort sufficient to populate a bet slip, check our account balance and text a tip to a mate regarding a soon to jump event.

The app is completely intuitive and self-explanatory, even for those of us who have only recently abandoned our flip phones and have yet to post our first selfies.

The mobile app responds quickly, does not place excessive demands on phone memory and battery resources and does not tax our dexterity-challenged fingers. We found it as easy as or easier to operate than our favourite pizza-ordering app.


Betstar Odds

We will not dissemble here. Betstar’s odd are not always the best to be found.

Comparing odds, short of doing an exhaustive analysis, can be a hit-or-miss proposition, since the odds being quoted today will probably be a distant memory in short order.

To their credit, Betstar does update the odds as soon as changes become available.

We randomly choose one market that we feel is representative of the typical state of the distinction betwixt the different agencies.

At the time this is being done, the Winter Stakes, now known as the Tatt’s Tiara, the final Group 1 race of the season, is about four days hence. Betstar has the favourite, Azkadellia, quoted at $2.70. Sportsbet was quoting $2.50.

To compare sports betting markets, we took an upcoming match for Round 14 of the AFL. We used what appears to be the game with the most evenly matched sides, Pies v. Dockers.

Betstar was quoting the Pies at 1.8 minus 2.5 points and the Dockers at 2.0 plus 2.5. Sportsbet had it Pies 1.82, minus 1.5 and Freo 2.00 plus 1.5. Even though Betstar is not reputed to have exceptional sports offerings, in this case, it is identical to Betstar and only the most conscientious would care much about a line that essentially amounts to one behind.

As the sister site to Ladbrokes and, Betstar has identical odds to the others. They do an exceptional job of offering plenty of markets for the popular American sports of football, baseball, basketball and hockey. Soccer receives quite adequate attention and niche sports are not neglected by any stretch.

One interesting feature of the Betstar experience is the Pick Your Own Odds option. This enables punters to not only select the runners they wish to back, but also to specify a margin of victory of anywhere from ½ to six lengths in ¼ length increments.

Live betting is available, but due to Australia’s Interactive Gambling Act, it does require a telephone call, which will raise the online minimum bet of 50-cents to $20.

Betstar often comes under fire for having a dormant account fee. This fee is $25 for accounts that have not placed a wager in over six months.

Dormant account fees are something of an anachronism in this day, but all we can say about it is that anyone who opens a membership with an online bookmaker but neglects to use it has some maturity issues with which to deal, which probably makes them poor prospects for online punting in the first place. Join Betstar