Steve Smith Expresses Hope of Being Available for Third Test

England may have solved their Steve Smith problem, for the moment at least. Simply have Jofra Archer ding Smith with the bowl and induce some concussion symptoms. To be clear, we are not suggesting that Archer was instructed to target Smith, or that Archer came up with the idea on…Read More

Hawthorn Demonstrates Rare Class in Fare Welling Roughead

It is quite nice of the Hawthorn Hawks to give Jarryd Roughead a proper sendoff. He played key roles in the Hawthorn premiership in 2008 and was a prime factor in the Hawks’ three consecutive flags in 2013 – 2015, not to mention his having one of the greatest surnames…Read More

Australia Spins England Out With 6 for 49 to Conquer Edgbaston

A 251-run win by Australia in the opener of the 2019 Ashes has hopefully set a tone and may have offered some measure of revenge for the semifinal loss to England in the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup last month. That is the optimistic perspective. On the pessimistic side, it…Read More

NRL Lobs Us an Irresistible Language Softball Courtesy of Cleary

As ink-stained wretches who ply language (butcher might be the better adjective) day-in-day-out, we are naturally intrigued by some of the idiosyncrasies of our language. In our cases, the proper term might be idiot-syncracies, but that is a topic for another time. So, when Penrith Panthers’ coach Ivan Cleary was…Read More

Last Year’s Mercedes F1 Procession More So in 2019.

Mercedes to win the constructors’ title for the 2019 F1 Championship series would seem a foregone conclusion. If Mercedes were a Thoroughbred name of Winx, the quote on the constructors’ market would be something like $0.99. Ten of 21 races have been held and save the fluke win by Max…Read More

Candidates for Titans Coach Prove the Existence of Optimism

It did not require quite as long as we might have expected for the name of Wayne Bennet to be raised as the replacement for recently sacked Gold Coast Titans coach Garth Brennan. The picture being depicted by Titans’ executives is that a failure to produce a competent rugby club…Read More

State of Origin III Will Decide Issue Between Queensland and NSW

There are some sports codes where it is frowned upon to be less than forthcoming about a player’s actual physical status. It works both directions. An injury may be hidden in order not to give the opposition the freedom to plan a strategy that varies greatly due to the secret…Read More

Italy Celebrates Successful bid for 2026 Winter Olympic Games

Here’s to wondering why the 2026 Winter Olympic Games went to Italy rather than Sweden. The process is similar to how FIFA decides which country will host World Cups… The 2026 Games will take place across different venues around Milan and the northern Italian ski resort known as Cortina d’Ampezzo….Read More