To Go Fast in Ironman Stay Cool says Poole

Matt Poole will need to remain composed if he is to defend his crown in the Nutri-Grain ironman series. The halfway point of the six-event series is taking place on Sunday in North Wollongong and Poole has discovered that he is capable of his top performances when he keeps his…Read More

Isi Naisarani Wins Prestigious RUPA Medal for Excellence

Isi Naisarani has received the distinction of being voted the best Australian Super Rugby player. It came as he has just one season behind him, so far as Super Rugby is concerned. Naisarani played for the Western Force in 2017, so at least the Force has that with them. The…Read More

Raelene Castle Press Conference Ticks Off All the Right Boxes

Take your pick. Is it more radical that the new head of Rugby Australia is a woman, or that that woman is a New Zealander? Raelene Castle has heard all the glass ceiling talk before, as the first woman to run an NRL club, the Canterbury Bulldogs. The bigger controversy…Read More

NFL Action Heats Up as Playoff Push Moves Into High Gear

It was the Australian Derby in Denver in the recent game between the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets. Denver finally found a team worse than they are, beating the Jets 23 – 0 to halt their losing slide at eight games. The Jets actually had the better record…Read More

Injured A-League Players Reaching Epidemic Proportions

We are not able to recall from where we heard that AFL players spend their time pretending to be unhurt, while soccer players spend their pretending to be, but all the same, players in the A-League seem to have legitimate casualties that are beyond acting. Top players have gone done…Read More

World Rugby Tries to Simplify Rules of Game for 2018

World Rugby is making the game simpler for 2018. They have thrown the book at themselves, getting out of the way just in time, as the book is large and heavy, as the rules are considered the most complicated in the world of sport. Surely, not more complicated than cricket….Read More

Australian Open Teams Up with NBL for Unique Dual Code Day

Traditions were meant to be broken, right? Check that. Records were meant to be broken. Traditions are to be honoured. Yet, it seems like a case of mixed metaphors when you consider that Melbourne United of the NBL will not be given the boot, as has been the case traditionally…Read More

Quade Cooper Hopes for NRL Redemption Over Japan

In news that surprises no one, there is now speculation that Queensland Reds refugee Quade Cooper could land in the NRL in time for the 2018 NRL Premiership Competition. Cooper is something of a risk, given his history of playing desultory defense, but it seems as though the Auckland native…Read More

Quade Cooper Done with Queensland Reds but Will Not Starve

First off, everyone can relax. Quade Cooper is going to be just fine. Being axed by the Queensland Reds by headsman Brad Thorn is not the worst fate that can befall a rugby player. Cooper has fuel left in the tank and it is hard to conceive of his not…Read More