Month: December 2016

Boxing has Legitimate Billionaire Contender in Anthony Joshua

Even though it is unfair to make comparisons of athletes based on incomes or prize earnings, that does not prevent anyone from doing it, so it is interesting that a relatively unheralded British boxer, unheralded outside boxing circles that is, could be the first fighter in the history of the…Read More

Unlike Ryder Cup Aussie Golfers Take Part in Presidents Cup

Beginning on September 26 and concluding on October 1, 2017, the Presidents Cup fills the void that exists due to the Ryder Cup being played every other year. The 2017 edition will be held at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, New Jersey. The course was opened in 2006…Read More

Djokovic and Becker have Parting of the Ways

Was the dip in form that saw Novak Djokovic lose his world number one ranking to Andy Murray the responsibility of his coach Boris Becker? The two partnered for three years, beginning in December of 2013. Over the course of that time, Djokovic won six grand slams, which is precisely…Read More

MLB Has Stroke of Genius Regarding All Star Game

For diehard baseball fans, proof that there really is a Santa Claus and that sanity in the decision-making realm of Major League Baseball truly exists was unequivocally demonstrated when it was announced that the All Star Game would no longer be used to determine which side receives home field advantage…Read More

Inaugural Season of AFLW Will Lead Into AFL Season

The AFL is apparently doing more than giving lip service to women’s Australian Rules football and has created a seven-week home and away season for eight teams to launch in February of 2017. Each team will play the other one time apiece, with the top four moving on to the…Read More

All Indications Point to Busy and Effective Jarryd Hayne

Jarryd “I’m never going back to rugby” Hayne is not only back, but 2017 seems to be shaping up as him being the hardest working man in the game. He had a relatively light workload in 2015, playing sparingly in eight games with the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, followed by…Read More

Rio Golf Venue Largely Abandoned Following Olympics

For Sale: Gently used golf course. Used for four days in August of 2016 for return of golf in the Rio Olympics. Make offer. Contact Brazil. The golf venue constructed in Rio de Janeiro took three years to build, along with millions of dollars and all manner or government bureaucracy…Read More

A-League Inks Lucrative New Deal with Fox Network

The viability of sports leagues in this day and age is no longer dependent upon spectators coming out to the various venues to watch, but is instead the beneficiary of rights revenues generated by broadcasters. When those broadcasters have desirable content, they experience an expansion of revenues from sponsors eager…Read More

Three Fearful Predictions for the 2017 AFL Season

Everyone loves predictions. We enjoy making them because no one will ever remember what we said and we will not serve up any reminders save for the few instances when one of ours’ was more or less accurate. Those who read the predictions will take perverse delight in seeing us…Read More

Women’s Big Bash League Too Close to Call

If there is anything we like in our sports, it is parity. That is because we maintain an aura of objectivity and are not worshipful supporters of any team in any sport. Two round into the Women’s Big Bash League season, we are getting that parity in spades, and for…Read More