Month: March 2018

Horn v Crawford Rescheduled to June 9 in Las Vegas

Originally scheduled for April 14 at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas, the big fight between WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn and Terence Crawford had to be postponed when Crawford’s camp announced that he had injured his hand in a sparring session. The date is now going to be…Read More

Supercars far more Competitive than F1 Brethren

The Melbourne 400 allowed the Supercars to have their moment in the sun on the weekend of the Australian Grand Prix and unlike the big boys in the F1 cars, there is actually some racing where the smaller operations have the opportunity to actually win a race. Such was the…Read More

Horn will have to wait for Crawford Following Hand Injury

Taking a moment away for the cricket drama in South Africa, which has quickly become the sort of thing we would expect to see in the UFC or professional wrestling, we turn our attention to another sport that often contains elements worth of the finest TV melodrama. The big fight…Read More

McEnroe Changes Kyrgios Tune after Last Year’s Laver Cup

If ever there were two tennis players cut from the same cloth, we would have to say those two players are John McEnroe and Nick Kyrgios. Therefore, it was not all the surprising that McEnroe used one of his captain’s picks to select Kyrgios for his team in September’s Laver…Read More

Woods’ New Coif Survives Pre-Season Silliness No Rogaine Jokes

The 2018 Telstra NRL Premiership competition has already started and completed the first round of play. Is it not time to put silly offseason stuff behind us and focus on the action of the field? Nor for some, apparently, and that group includes us, as we could not resist getting…Read More

Beau Scott Hopes to Find Suitor in Eels or Other NRL Club

How long is long enough? In the NRL, 200 games is a monumental achievement. Parramatta Eels skipper Beau Scott has surpassed that 200-game figure by over a season’s worth of games and the 34-year-old knows that his clock is winding down. Thirty-four is not old to us writers. Other than…Read More

Tom Banks with Brumbies through 2019 Future Wallabies Star

The Brumbies are not exactly setting the world on fire thus far in 2018 Super Rugby League play, but at least they have a source of fire on hand through 2019 by resigning Tom Banks. Banks is expected to make the leap to the Wallaby level soon and he has…Read More

Ricciardo Linked to Mercedes Ferrari McLaren Uber and Lyft

Daniel Ricciardo is off-contract with Team Red Bull Racing at the conclusion of the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship and he is the topic of much speculation as to his future employer. The list keeps expanding. At one point, it was limited to Mercedes and Ferrari. Both those teams…Read More

Andy Murray not done Just Yet Put Away Those Forks

It must say something about the medical system in Great Britain that Andy Murray chose to have hip surgery in Melbourne, rather than England. Murray has been out of action since last year’s Wimbledon Championships. The injury appeared serious and there was some justified speculation that Murray might never play…Read More