Month: November 2018

Schmidt to Walk Away from Coaching Ireland Following 2019 World Cup

The Irish are not fond of long goodbyes. The announcement of a departure for any reason is typically met with, “Well, off with you then.” Yet, Ireland rugby coach Joe Schmidt, as a New Zealander, is probably unaware of the Irish fondness for brevity, something of a surprise, since it…Read More

Abraham Ancer Wins Australian Open Going Away with the Wind

The top name in the Australian Open, America’s Matt Kuchar, reported that it was the Australian wind, not the long flight that did him in for the 2018 Australian Open. Kuchar was born in Florida, a place that has a healthy reputation for wind during Atlantic hurricane season, so he…Read More

Ireland Wins 16 – 9 over New Zealand in Dublin

It is once again time to sound the clarion call that the All Blacks’ rugby dominance is at its end. Seems as though this claim never lacks for voices. If it were we, we would be saying it only on the assumption that if something is said enough times over…Read More

AFL Draft Looks Loaded for Gold Coast Suns

Draft speculation is one form of speculative activity that has truly grown in significance as the result of all the fantasy furor. The coming draft for the Toyota 2019 AFL Premiership competition is offering some scenarios that even the quants would salivate over. Carlton has the first pick and given…Read More

Racing Victoria Stewards Meet Suspension Quota with Bowman

Once again, we find ourselves pondering the imponderable. Why can a jockey receive a suspension for careless riding, but the results of the race remain unchanged? Today, we have to ask why Hugh Bowman received a suspension of a month over three charges related to his ride on Marmelo in…Read More