Month: September 2019

Fyfe Wins Second Brownlow Medal on Heels of Career Year

Nat Fyfe has won the 2019 Brownlow Medal. Does that make up for playing for Fremantle? If memory serves, Fyfe took a six-year-deal with the Dockers in mid-2017, so even if his man-bun is so 2014, it would seem there is no risk of him running out in a Gold…Read More

Brisbane Clubs Decisively Banished from AFL and NRL Finals

If we were from Brisbane, we would be considering relocation at this point. The Lions went out of the AFL finals in straight sets, losing two on their home ground to clubs ranked below them. While it is true that the Lions should take pride (heh, heh) in what they…Read More

Unbeaten Boomers Making Noise in FIBA Basketball Tournament

Australia have won again, beating France 100 – 98 and remaining unbeaten in the 2019 FIBA World Cup Basketball tournament. The quarterfinal is next and the narrow win over France enables the Boomers to avoid a game with the United States for the moment, even though the Boomers won an…Read More

O’Brien Tagged with Task of Kindling Knights in 2020

There are times when we wonder if it is the games themselves or the behind-the-scenes drama that attracts us to the NRL, but it is truly a moot question, since the answer switches according to our whims and in the final measure, the answer is irrelevant. Earlier, fairly recently, we…Read More