Month: December 2019

NFL Playoff Punting Requires Vast Skill and Vaster Luck

It is Test Your Skill time for punters who enjoy some manner of plunge on the code of NFL football. The low-hanging fruit of the regular season is in the past; picking the winners of the playoffs will be a decidedly more difficult task. As a brief primer for the…Read More

Issues Larger Than Test Cricket Impact Sydney

As some who have battled for years to abandon the curse that is cigarette smoking, the air quality in and around Sydney and the other areas impacted by the bushfires in New South Wales is along those same lines, but thankfully does not contain addictive nicotine. In our younger days,…Read More

Asia Cup 2021 Will Find Boomers Relying on NBL Clubs

If most of the usual suspects are absent, is Australia’s national men’s basketball squad still the Boomers? Apparently so, as the team is preparing for their qualification matches for the 2021 FIBA Asia Cup tournament that begins with a game agasint New Zealand’s Tall Blacks on 20 February 2020. It…Read More

NFL Week 14 Reveals Some Emperors with no Clothes

Some pundits see omens in everything, but punters who like having something on American gridiron might have gained some insights as the NFL moves into its final weeks of regular season play. One significant game was the one between the New England patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs. It was…Read More

Sydney Kings Coach Will Weaver’s Hand Up for Boomers in Tokyo

It might be reasonable to speculate that the Boomers wanted Brett Brown for a coach at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to provide that extra nudge that will push Ben Simmons to wear yellow. It just might work and the indications are that Simmons wants to play representative basketball. Between now…Read More