AFL Tribunal Hands Ablett Suspension for MMA Antics in AFL Game

Passions occasionally run hot over the course of a game of footy, which is not difficult to understand, as players who lack at least some degree of aggressiveness are most commonly known as former footy players.

The time for cooler heads to prevail would seem more obvious to a veteran like the 35-year-old Gary Ablett, but we vaguely recall being that age ourselves at one time in the distant, distant past and we may have been the victim of our own emotions.

On the surface and judging strictly by appearances, it would seem that Ablett has given his head every opportunity to cool, but he has been involved in several on-ground incidents during this season of the Toyota 2019 AFL Premiership competition that have attracted the unwanted attention of the match review panel.

Ablett has come under scrutiny for the third time in the past month and has been handed a one-game suspension for smacking the Gold Coast Suns’ Anthony Miles in the jaw.

Seriously, Gary?

The Cats are on top and you’re smacking someone from the Suns?

We would not be eager for Round 23 were we a member of the Carlton Blues.

The Cats have Richmond in two weeks in Round 12. Ablett could smash Dusty in the kisser and serve the ban during Geelong’s bye week.

True, it does not work that way and besides, Martin might be hiding a tin of head polish in his kit to give a brighter sheen to Ablett’s scalp.

Ablett escaped the long arm of Michael Christian and his tribunal for a high hit on one of the Bombers in Round 7. A week later, it was one of the Roos singled out for some special attention.

None of the previous incidents figured into the one-game ban Ablett copped for his punch to the jaw of Miles.

The AFL is trying to send a clear signal to the players that soccer-fan hooliganism will not be tolerated, sidelining Richmond’s Martin and Ivan Soldo for rough contact away from the ball.

“Any striking action, off the ball in particular, is something that we don’t want to see in the game,” Christian said. “Under the guidelines, off-ball intentional strikes don’t belong in the game, so they’ll be treated accordingly.”