Blues Turn to Unorthodox Methods to Breaks Maroons Origin Stranglehold

One day ahead of State or Origin III, a dead rubber to be held at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium, we have learned that NSW’s securing of the series with wins in Melbourne and Sydney had something to do with the Blues fielding superior sides, but the final piece of the puzzle was the cell phone ban imposed by NSW Coach Brad Fittler.

But Brad, how are the players supposed to access the Collective Minds app. Well, better off without, as the Adelaide Crows might aver.

The Blues players are not allowed to use their mobiles during training, team meetings and bonding sessions.

We remember the value of those bonding sessions quite fondly, such that we do not need to remember them, as we never stopped enjoying them. We just stopped playing football to focus on bonding by quaffing copious amounts of cold, fermented grain beverages.

Utility Tyrone “Just” Peachey reported a case of digital withdrawal, telling reporters in remarks picked up by the AAP that he felt “naked” without his phone.

“When you’re around the team he doesn’t want you sitting there on your phone, you have to actually talk to your teammates,” Peachey said.

That would seem to put Fittler at the head of the pack for SSOTY – Sports Sadist of the Year. Talking to teammates. The very thought.

That’s Just Peachey said the phone ban helped him open his eyes and forge a connection with his teammates.

Not too much of that, now. Fittler was ready for the opened eyes scenario and put his squad through a training session wearing blindfolds.

That exercise was also intended to get the players talking to one another.

Blues high-performance specialist Hayden Knowles told reporters that the recent blindfolded training session had been used in the past, but until this one, no one had seen it.

Blindfold sales in Australia have skyrocketed. Previously, the market for blindfolds had been more or less limited to magicians and knife throwers, so some of the Blues, without realizing it, may have been training for future careers.