Brisbane Clubs Decisively Banished from AFL and NRL Finals

If we were from Brisbane, we would be considering relocation at this point.

The Lions went out of the AFL finals in straight sets, losing two on their home ground to clubs ranked below them. While it is true that the Lions should take pride (heh, heh) in what they accomplished in the Toyota 2019 AFL Premiership competition, they had a soft fixture for the home-and-away season, as was befitting for a team that finished 15th in 2018.

Brisbane were all over the map. They beat the premier West Coast club in the first round and they beat Geelong in Round 22, but the only other finals club they beat during the season was GWS.

The Broncos are gone from the Telstra 2019 NRL Premiership competition. Long gone.

We expected Parramatta to beat them, but the 58 – 0 outcome of the game needs a stronger word than we can summon. It is as though we were back in the glory days of Rome and went to the Coliseum expecting to see some Christians dispatched by some lions, but someone had slipped the Christians assault rifles.

Although we love a good underdog story, Brisbane Broncos will not be the source in 2019. They snuck into finals, seemingly, benefitting from a drawn match with New Zealand.

Had it not been for that draw, they would have missed and Wests would have been in. Brisbane qualified despite a negative point differential and lost one more game than they won.

The Eels were ahead 24 – 0 at the end of the half and we find ourselves wondering what they had in mind, other than sending a message to Melbourne that the Storm needs to increase intensity following a narrow loss to Canberra.

Still, Brisbane is a fine city and the NRL and the AFL are only games, not the sort of thing that qualifies for a forced relocation.