Candidates for Titans Coach Prove the Existence of Optimism

It did not require quite as long as we might have expected for the name of Wayne Bennet to be raised as the replacement for recently sacked Gold Coast Titans coach Garth Brennan.

The picture being depicted by Titans’ executives is that a failure to produce a competent rugby club on the Gold Coast would result in the club being relocated, with Brisbane as the likely destination.

If Bennett enjoys a challenge, there is hardly a better place to look than Gold Coast.

There are other candidates for the position.

The names of Justin Holbrook, currently establishing solid bona fides with the Super League ladder toppers St. Helens, and the coaching tandem of brothers Ben and Shane Walker of the Ipswich Jets have been connected to the opening.

Geoff Toovey, formerly the coach for Manly, is part of the conversation.

Do they draw straws, with the job going to the one who draws the short straw?


Professional coaches are of the breed that is drawn to hopeless causes.

A coach who could go into the Titans’ organisation and qualify for finals would be hailed as a conquering hero.

The Walker boys, according to Courier-Mail journo Peter Badel, have already submitted their applications, but Badel did not indicate whether the brothers are a package deal, or if one would be asked to perform solo.

No matter. One could always be selected as the head, leaving the other to be hired as an assistant. It might make for some awkward moments at the holiday dinner table, but sacrifices come with the territory.


Well he was shown the border of Queensland by the Broncos and he promptly landed on his two lucky feet and got the slot with South Sydney following his second extended stint with Brisbane.

Other than 75 games with Newcastle, Bennett has a remarkable strike rate of delivering wins at above 60 percent.

If he could not fix the Dragons, it is hard to conceive of him fixing the Titans without a significant influx of difference-making players.