Castle Adds Her Voice to the Departure of Cheika

Sorry to be wags, but we saw side-by-side photos of outgoing, make that gone, Wallabies coach Michael Cheika and RA boss Raelene Castle and could not help thinking that it looked as though Cheika had donned a wig and some makeup and was Castle in disguise.

It was sort of the situation where no one ever noticed the resemblance between Clark Kent and Superman, because Kent wore spectacles.

Has anyone ever seen Castle and Cheika together?

Castle has weighed in on the departure of Cheika and admits that the relationship between the two began to sour when RA attempted to curb Cheika’s power.

Cheika wanted more, not less, power, but the Wallabies did not provide him with anything that could be described as negotiating leverage.

He was called to defend himself last year following a Test year that saw Australia losing nine of 13 games and at that time, it almost appeared as though he was given a reprieve because keeping him was easier than finding someone new.

At any rate, a Wallabies coach can remain secure if the team can beat New Zealand and England. It helps to beat Wales and Ireland, but some of the other Tier 2 countries do nothing to help the coach if the Wallabies win, but carry weight if the Wallabies lose.

Castle told a reporter from Fox, “We (RA) put some changes in place that Michael expressed he was not 100 per cent comfortable with. But at the end of the day, what I can tell you is the board continued to support Michael and gave him all the support he needed going into this World Cup.”

It would have been nice to have an actual percentage figure to gauge Cheika’s satisfaction, but it would be probable that Cheika himself would place the figure around zero.

As for the support he received, we could propose an experiment to determine how effective said support was.

Give the current Wallabies to Steve Hansen and see if those same players could reverse the script. Or, put Cheika over the All Blacks, and then sit back and watch.