Cheika Responsible for Everything that is Wrong in Australia Today

Would it be a novel suggestion to suggest that the way toturn the Wallabies around is to find better players?

If anyone believes in Christmas miracles and that the Wallabies will contend for the 2019 World Cup in Japan simply by getting rid of Cheika and his assistants must admit to maintaining faith in a bloke who can deliver toys to every child in the world over the span of one night.

The negative aspect of a sport where players seldom last beyond their mid-thirties, and few of them at that, is that they immediately become experts and have solutions for everything from a struggling international rugby side to global climate change. Experts with no place to go and decades to get there.

The most recent to join the chorus is Matt Burke, who told the Big Sports Breakfast radio show, “Michael Cheika after that (season) has to go. “(It has) been so poor from the Wallabies’ perspective. There has to be a change.If you were talking in a business sense and a CEO was performing like that he would be outed immediately.”

But, Cheika is not the CEO. He reports to Raelene Castle and Chairman Cameron Clyne, both of whom are dodging anyone who attempts to get definitive answers and some sense of clarity of what measures are being taken to steer the ship in another direction.

Could it be that those two are equally or more culpable than is Cheika in the decline of the Wallabies since Cheika led them to the World Cup final in 2015?

Cheika is being a little evasive, for his part, refusing to say that he will remain in place to lead Australia through the World Cup. This may be because he serves at the pleasure of the nabobs of Rugby Australia and seems to have a tenuous grasp on the future, other than knowing that losing to New Zealand and England are mortal sins in the eyes of those who fondly recall better times.