Collective Mind Weighs in on 2018 Crows Season of Disaster

The brain trust over at Collective Mind seems unwilling to remain quiet in the face of continued criticism sent their way over the failure of the Adelaide Crows in the Toyota 2018 AFL Premiership competition.

Adelaide played the Grand Final in 2017 and was the top percentage team in 2016 and 2017, only to find themselves sitting out 2018 finals on the 12th rung.

Their injury log for 2018 was dismal, that cannot be overlooked, but the pre-season Collective Mind training session was supposed to give them the final edge they needed to win a Grand Final in the always hostile environs of the MCG.

Collective Minds hit back in a press conference recently, stating that club leadership at every level had been behind the training methods Collective Minds had proposed.

Crows players who saw the statements that came out of the motivational organization and its leaders, Amon Woulfe and Derek Leddie, felt that the representations made in the press conference strayed from the truth. reporter Tom Morris, commenting on a podcast, said, “They feel like there were a significant amount of mistruths from Amon Wolfe and Derek Leddie, who are the brains behind Collective Mind.”

“They’re (players) meeting and they’re going to work out a way forward … I wouldn’t be surprised if the players had some sort of public show of ‘this is exactly what happened, this is what we felt’ in the near future. They are the only ones that haven’t spoken in unity yet. Tex Walker has spoken separately, but it didn’t affect him.”

Adelaide’s’ hamstring issues certainly could not be blamed on Collective Mind, but a lost season such as the Crows’ experienced in 2018 requires scapegoats and if it were the NRL Head Coach Don Pyke’s head would be on one.

The fallout will be felt for some time and is being felt presently, as Mitch McGovern is seeking a way out, even if it involves going to Carlton.

Other players might be on the next train out, as well

The club may have taken the wrong path in dismissing players’ claims concerning the Impact of Collective Mind, but what is done is done.