Dockers Select 2015 Brownlow Medal Winner Fyfe to Captaincy

If a new captain can right the ship that was last season’s Fremantle Dockers wreck, it would seem logical to conclude that the selection of 2015 Brownlow Medal winner Nat Fyfe would be the right choice.

The question remains, however, can Fyfe stay on the ground?

Various maladies have found him more often in the casualty ward than in the middle of the ground for the Dockers. He is coming off a 2016 campaign that saw him limited to five games as he dealt with the sorts of injuries that lead to legitimate questions about his remaining longevity in the game, despite the fact that the Sherrin will bounce for the Dockers before Fyfe attains the ripe old age of 26.

As a young team, making its debut in 1995, the Dockers could desperately use some stable leadership, as Fyfe has become already the ninth to hold the captaincy, yet his recent history would tend to suggest that his leadership could be mainly from the margins of the oval.

Fyfe replaces David Mundy.

It was perhaps a testament to Mundy, that his coach, Ross Lyon, was quick to point out that Mundy led well under difficult circumstances, circumstances that saw the Dockers plunge in record setting fashion, comparing 2015 to 2016.