England Level Ashes with One Wicket Win

Steve Bruce, the new boss of the Newcastle United, does not care for criticism.

On the one hand, he may consider himself fortunate that his is running an English Premier League club, rather than the Newcastle football club of the NRL.

He would find no shortage of criticism if that were the case.

Of course, based on the standings of the EPL and the NRL, it simply does not pay to have the name Newcastle associated with your name.

Bruce is known around the soccer scene as Potato Head, which is actually a charming moniker, although we now live in dread of going to the market and searching the bin for a potato that resembles Bruce.

The EPL Newcastle has played three matches to this stage of the 2019 EPL season, with one win to show for it.

Bruce, understandably, has been called to task, but it is early, so Bruce is in a much better position than the NRL Newcastle side.

Still, for a bloke that answers to Potato Head, we would expect a thicker skin.

But, in the course of weighing in on the Poms recent Ashes victory, along with jokingly mentioning that Ashes hero Ben Stokes could play half-centre for the football club, Bruce said, “I think we all understand criticism, but for me, a lot of it has been unjust and unfair.”

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, eh?

Was football even around in the day, or was Shakespeare simply clairvoyant?

Win a premiership and be criticized for not winning more convincingly.

Failing to win two or three consecutive premierships after a first is another scenario that will elicit criticism.

This is the territory professional coaches inhabit.

Newcastle host Watford Saturday coming.

Win that one and Bruce will be criticised for something. Too narrow a margin, or perish the thought, take the lead and surrender a draw late in the game.

For EPL coaches, the only safe route is to demand a post with one of the top three, currently Liverpool, Manchester City or Arsenal; although there are certain supporters questioning the group running undefeated Liverpool, no doubt.