Fyfe Wins Second Brownlow Medal on Heels of Career Year

Nat Fyfe has won the 2019 Brownlow Medal.

Does that make up for playing for Fremantle?

If memory serves, Fyfe took a six-year-deal with the Dockers in mid-2017, so even if his man-bun is so 2014, it would seem there is no risk of him running out in a Gold Coast kit…nor for the immediate future, at least.

Sneaky Richmond might find a way to add him, but the hardware of two Charlies, two Leigh Matthews trophies, three All-Australian namings and two Doig Medals might put them over the salary cap, that is, if the salary cap is applied to Richmond.

His would appear to be a case of a Western Aussie deciding staying close to home is worth more than the lure of dealing with the pressures of playing for one of the VIC clubs, but since we can’t read his thoughts, the appearance is nothing other than speculation on our parts.

We actually hope the bloke can see the contract through to the end of 2023, but he has missed time with injuries, missing most of 2016 and six games in 2018 with one of those unescapable hamstring issues.

His form in 2019 was perhaps the best of his career and he was in no danger of losing the Brownlow to Patrick Dangerfield, who finished second in the voting six votes behind Fyfe’s 33.

Fyfe becomes just the 15th player since the award was established to win the Brownlow more than once, but the figure that stands out is that he did it this year despite playing in only 20 games.

Dangerfield, on the other side of the equation, played every home-and-away game this season, along with two finals and has only played fewer than 20 games in 2010 and 2008, when he was with Adelaide.

For Fyfe, the Brownie was a nice, only slightly delayed birthday present, since he turned 28 on September 18, so if anyone should run into him in the environs of a Western Australian adult beverage establishment, it is Fyfe’s shout.