Horn You’ve Got to Carry That Weight for November 30 Mundine Bout

To his schoolteacher and boxer resume, Jeff Horn can add attorney for the plaintive to his list of accomplishments, saying recently to The Courier-Mail, “I will definitely be looking at the contract to see if I can impose some sort of penalty for Mundine disappearing overseas.”

Mundine did not actually disappear anywhere. He is in Florida to train under the keen gaze of Roy Jones Jr., with his intention being to return to Brisbane three weeks prior to the fight with Horn, in order to acclimatise his body to the heat and humidity of Brisbane.

Not to ignite any sort of heat and humidity debate, but Florida is hot and humid, muggy, some might say, even with northern hemisphere winter approaching.

Mundine’s bigger worry might be that he is in Florida during peak hurricane season.

Still, Horn feels slighted.

The fight contract calls for a 50 – 50 splits of the proceeds of the fight, but Horn feels his promotional burden is the heavier of the two men.

“I am really frustrated that Mundine signed for the fight and quickly left the country leaving me to carry the load of promoting what shapes up as Australia’s biggest ever night of boxing.”

Horn may not have realised that he was promoting with that statement, as claiming his fight with Mundine to be the biggest in the history of Australian boxing is a promotional statement if ever one was uttered.

“How often does Australian boxing get this opportunity to shine and now I am left to also carry Anthony’s share of the promotional load.Doing all the promotional work is very draining but I’m committed to helping make November 30 a huge success.”

Mundine lists NSW, specifically the Sydney suburb of Newtown as his state of origin, so it would seem natural that the former rugby star for the NRL and the NSW Blues would be more than willing to do what he can to keep the Queenslanders humble.