If at First You Succeed Try Getting Fired Mid-Season

You think you have a rough job?

Trying coaching an NRL club to fifth place on the ladder, only to be unceremoniouslyhanded a pink slip and you have an inkling of what it must feel like to be Anthony Griffin, whose effective title is now, Former Coach of the Penrith Panthers.

The Panthers have their longing glances cast on Wayne Bennett, who has been having a hard time coming up with the sort of deal he would like to get from the Brisbane Broncos.

The Broncos are two spots below the Panthers, so if anyone can supply the correct logic to firing the more successful coach for the less successful coach, we would be interested in learning said logic.

Bennett still has 2019 left on his deal with Brisbane.

Cameron Ciraldo will serve out the year with the Panthers as the interim coach. One of his key credentials is that he has worked with two of the best the game has offered with Bennett and Phil Gould.

Bennett might be approaching that dangerous level of getting too large for the game, but he has proven that when he has an adequate roster, he can put w’s in the column and win a competition.

Commentator Michael Ennis’ view is that Bennett is most definitely a possibility to take the reins of the Panthers and he might be able to attract a couple of players that could put Penrith at the top.

Bennett is attempting to get the Broncos to extend his contract beyond 2019, but the Broncos honchos have been noncommittal, maybe with good reason, as a much less expensive coach could just as easily keep the Broncos in the middle of the pack.

Michael Maguire and Trent Barrett, and Nathan Cleary, have been mentioned as possible replacements for Griffin.

The coaching carousel known as the NRL continues to spin and it is just a question of time before a coach wins a premiership and is unceremoniously dumped for a failure to “reflect the culture of the club.”