Last Year’s Mercedes F1 Procession More So in 2019.

Mercedes to win the constructors’ title for the 2019 F1 Championship series would seem a foregone conclusion.

If Mercedes were a Thoroughbred name of Winx, the quote on the constructors’ market would be something like $0.99.

Ten of 21 races have been held and save the fluke win by Max Verstappen in Austria at the end of June, Mercedes have won every race.

They could park their cars and give Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas the rest of the season to spell. Maybe bring them back for the closers on the off chance that with their absence, Ferrari might narrow the gap.

As for the drivers’ standings, Bottas might conceivably catch Hamilton, but the Northern Territory wise guys have little faith in such a prospect.

Ladbrokes has Hamilton quoted $1.02 to win the drivers’ title, a price not even the unbeatable Winx ever commanded. Bottas is a distant $17.

In other words, he is Hartnell to Hamilton’s Winx.

Max Verstappen, now the primary for Team Read Bull after the departure of Perth’s Daniel Ricciardo, carries a price of $67. He has Read Bull third in the constructors’ standings and he occupies that rung in the drivers’ standings.

The larger question looming is how the runners of F1 racing bring some modicum of competition back into the circuit.

Changes were made ahead of the 2019 season in an attempt to bring some of the other teams into the conversation, but all those changes succeeded in doing was to prove that Mercedes was the more adept team when it came to adapting.

Drop below Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, both quoted as $101 chances, and the prices become ludicrous.

Beginning with Ricciardo at $3,001 and concluding with George Russell and Robert Kubica at $10,001, well, those blokes should park their rides and find something productive to do.

With the season less than half over, the season appears over and the conversation has shifted to which team or driver can claim a fastest lap, or possibly a podium.

Of 30 potential podiums to this point, Mercedes has 18 and one can only shudder what the number might be if they had three entries in the series.