Man Oman! Danger Game Looming For Socceroos

Oman have been a bogey team for the Socceroos of late with one win and two draws from their last three meetings, but that hasn’t stopped punters from piling the money on Australia in tomorrow night’s Asian Cup game.

Online bookmaker is reporting 99% of the cash has gone on the Australians to make it two from two with $1.40 still on offer for the favourites.

Oman has drifted to $8.00 while the draw is out to $4.60.

“The money trail would suggest an easy win for the Socceroos however we’ve had trouble putting Oman away in recent times. The Omanis looked pretty good against South Korea but Australia’s new-found ability to find the back of the net has punters confident in this one ” said’s Christian Jantzen.

Even without kicking a ball in anger, Japan has tightened its grip on Asian Cup favouritism. The Blue Samurai are $2.90 ahead of Australia at $3.50.

Markets courtesy of Join Here

Australia v Oman
(Prices in brackets from 10/1/15)
$1.40 Australia (steady)
$4.60 Draw (out from $4.33)
$8.00 Oman (out from $7.50)

Australia v South Korea
$2.10 Australia (steady)
$3.30 Draw (steady)
$3.00 South Korea (steady)

Asian Cup winner
$2.90 Japan (in from $3.10)
$3.50 Australia (steady)
$6.00 South Korea (in from $6.50)
$7.00 Iran (in from $8.00)
$21 Uzbekistan (in from $34)
$23 UAE (out from $23)
$23 China (in from $34)
$41 Jordan (steady)
$51 Iraq (steady)
$61 Oman (steady)
$81 Qatar (out from $51)
$91 Saudi Arabia (out from $34)
$126 North Korea (out from $61)
$176 Bahrain (out from $101)
$176 Kuwait (out from $126)
$251 Palestine (steady)