McGregor Turns Whiskey Salesman in UFC 229 Presser

We seem to recall a time in the not-so-distant past where we recall Conor McGregor referring to himself as the “Irish Muhammad Ali,” although our memories are not so keen as they once were and McGregor might have said, “The Irish Cassius Clay.”

It would seem that McGregor modeled his shtick on “The Greatest,” and his could be described as a case of standing on the shoulders of giants, because there are times when Ali’s showmanship and shenanigans seemed almost prosaic by comparison to McGregor’s.

UFC Boss Dana White engaged in some hyperbole of his own, declaring that not only does he think McGregor the best showman in the world of sports at the moment, but also the greatest of all time.

McGregor does have his own line of whiskey, which he promoted at the presser leading up to his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov in UFC 229 in Las Vegas next month.

The primary similarities between Ali and McGregor seem to be an attempt to sew doubt in the mind of an opponent. Marketing in the days of Ali was not nearly so sophisticated. Ali may have had his image on a lunchbox or two, but intimidating an opponent in the fight codes got its start when Goliath called out David in the Old Testament.

“Conor McGregor is brilliant,” White told Main Event after the press conference.“When it comes to the lead-up to a fight, his press conferences are entertaining. His press conferences are just as entertaining as the fight. He’s got comedic timing, he’s hilarious.”

It may be in White’s mind to generate pay-per-view revenues from McGregor’s press conferences, but it might require more money than anyone has to buy McGregor’s silence.

McGregor will be attempting to wrest the lightweight belt away from the undefeated Russian after he was forced to give up the title due to a lack of activity.

White was not nearly so original as McGregor, declaring the upcoming match the biggest in UFC history. It seems like the 10,000th time he has said such.