McLachlan Issues Apology to AFL Fans and Takes Victim Position

This one fall squarely in the truth is stranger than fiction realm.

Last week, an AFL fan described as a “super fan” was threatening to lead a boycott of the AFL after a fan at a Carlton game was removed by the security detail for directing a mild expletive at an umpire.

The Super Fan was a bloke name of Joffa Corfe and he was irate because a Carlton fan was escorted to the exits for calling an umpire a bald-headed flog.

While we might not go along with micro aggressions that make light of hair loss (full disclosure: we still have the majority of our hair) and the other thing, well, it is something everyone does, so this was definitely not an ejection-worthy offense.

The strange part was that Corfe demanded an apology from AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan and McLachlan provided one.

The other night, McLachlan expressed sorrow that fans are feeling intimidated by the AFL police.

“If people are feeling threatened, we obviously will listen … I’m appalled,” McLachlan told the Herald Sun.”It hurts me to hear our administration is not looking after the fans.”

From perpetrator to victim in the span of two sentences, McLachlan might one day soon see the title of Prime Minister alongside his name.

It would seem as though Marvel Stadium is the primary culprit and such a thing would never have occurred if it had remained Docklands.

The requisite pointing of fingers was present, with Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett saying that the fans should be free to express positive and negative feelings with relative impunity.

Yell all you want, but no chucking schooners onto the ground. Just hand them to us for safekeeping.

According to Kennett, “The AFL have done a great number of very good things in developing our code.But they have allowed themselves to become the sort of social benchmark for every social issue in the community.”

Next up: Equal pay for the AFLW.