Never Been to Spain but Mourinho and Ronaldo Left Poorer

We could claim a milestone and say that this is the 1,000th time we have reported about soccer luminaries getting into hot water with the taxman, but it would be a mild exaggeration to say that.

Jose Mourinho, the Manchester United manager, recently entered a guilty plea to shortchanging the Spanish taxation authorities of their pound of flesh and he has been handed a one-year prison sentence as part of a settlement deal, although it is highly unlikely that he will see any actual hard time.

It is hard to pay the taxman from debtor’s prison.

This in Mourinho’s first offense, or more accurately, the first time he has been caught and convicted, although no one is implying that he has other skeletons in his ban vault.

No one is saying anything.

Mourinho is not talking. His representatives are not talking. Manchester United had nothing to say and the Spanish tax agency No Hablar Inglés.

The case against him dates back to when Mourinho dates back to when he was coaching with Real Madrid from 2010 – 2013.

If recollection serves, Christian Ronaldo or one of the other big football stars from the Real Madrid club has experienced similar issues. Being associated with Real Madrid must be the taxation equivalent of the red flag in the bullring.

The Spaniards are seeking to lighten Mourinho’s purse to the tune of 3.3 million euros.

He gave them 1.15 million euros following a 2014 inquiry, raising his total to nearly 4.5 million euros. The Spanish taxmen have decided that Mourinho got off too lightly the first go and they are still trying to do with Ronaldo’s contribution of 18.8 million from the player’s June settlement.

Most of that money will be spent on removing Ronaldo’s statue from the Spanish airport that bears his name.