NFL Serves Blasé Conference Championship Games

We hope than no one other than us had to bother with the NFL yesterday and its anticlimactic Conference Championship games.

We were only doing our jobs, burning the figurative late-night candles to report on two gridiron games, both of which were nearly the relative equivalent of 2019’s AFL Grand Final.

The scores were slightly less lopsided, but in the AFC Championship between Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans, other than brief moments in the first quarter where the Titans came out hard to prove they belonged, Kansas City went all Richmond Tigers for the balance of the game.

Kansas City held a four-point advantage at the main break, which may have provided some glimmer to the Tennessee supporters, but the Chiefs were already gaining territory in big chunks that to those of us more objective, served as the writing on the wall that Tennessee’s run of good fortune was destined to conclude.

The final score in the Chief’s favour was 35 – 24 and Kansas City booked a berth in Super Bowl 54 in Miami.

The NFC Championship game was over nearly as soon as it began.

The Green Bay Packers, by far the worst team to ever finish a regular season with a record of 14 – 2, was swallowed entire by the San Francisco 49ers running game, regurgitated, and then swallowed again.

The Packers appeared as though they had lost the ability to tackle, as 49ers running back Raheem Mostert seemed to resemble Moses, except rather than parting the Red Sea, he parted the Green Bay defense for 220 yards, an all-time record for a San Francisco running back, just short of the all-time NFL playoff record.

The Super Bowl is in a fortnight and the early markets seem to lean slightly toward the Kansas City club, but the line is a skimpy one point.

There are claims that the Super Bowl is the most heavily punted sporting event in the world, but rather that claim is valid or not is irrelevant for us.

We simply want a game worth watching.