PointsBet Refunds Punter Bets on Super Bowl Prop Bet

News items involving bookie generosity are so rare that when encountered, it is as though the entire story is written in ALL CAPS.


The event was the NFL Super Bowl yesterday. For future purposes, Super Bowl 54 on Sunday, February 2 (Feb. 3 Oz calendar), 2020.


Kansas City won by the score of 31 – 20.


When we look at the AFL and NRL during their seasons, we often shake our heads over the number of prop bets that crop up, some so exotic as to make us gasp in amazement.


The Super Bowl is no different. There were hundreds of prop bets offered by the bookies.


The one that drew our attention, however, was almost conventional.


It was simply an over/under prop of the rushing yards of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. That prop is not really exotic. It is more along the lines of selecting Nat Fyfe to gather over or under 25 disposals in an AFL game.


The truly amazing element of the Mahomes’ rushing yardage market was that international sportsbook PointsBet elected to refund all bets on the over of 30.5 yards.


Excuse us for a moment while we retrieve our jaws from the floor.


PointsBet made the announcement of generosity on Twitter, saying, “If there’s been a worse beat on a prop than this one, feel free to let us know!”


The reasoning behind the refund is that Mahomes entered the final possession of his club with a secure league and needed only to run out the clock.


He had 44 yards to that point, which would mean the over bets were winners, but he took a knee on three straight snaps to protect the footy from the San Francisco 49ers. He sacrificed 15 yards, putting him under the prop figure PointsBet had quoted.


The tactics Mahomes used are quite common at the end of NFL games, so we do not suspect foul play, even acknowledging our naiveté.


The thing we have yet to learn, however, is whether PointsBet paid the punters who backed the under.


The other thing we would like to discover is a bookie that would refund all our losing punts, but still pay our winners.