Postecoglou Evasive Regarding Future Socceroos Coaching Plans

The fate of Socceroos Coach Ange Postecoglou has been a hot topic in the Australian soccer world of late, but Postecoglou himself has not been willing to divulge any details, preferring to remain enigmatic on the subject.

He has been saying that he will be out of contract following the outcome of the 2018 World Cup, regardless of how well or poorly the Socceroos perform.

The national soccer side has a big test ahead of it in November, where they will face Honduras. It is thought that Postecoglou will step down after that match, win or lose, but he has also been linked to a return to the club.

Responding to questions posed in an interview with ABC’s Australian Story, Postecoglou was vague, saying, “My contract ends whenever the World Cup journey ends.”

Another query concerning plans for after the Honduras game elicited this reply, “Hopefully to celebrate,” Postecoglou said.“Because if not, my tenure ends.”

He sidestepped questions about his intentions for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and suggested that Australian soccer fans and the Socceroos, for that matter, needed to direct their attention to the qualifier with Honduras. ”Well I think I’ve already answered that,” he said.“People are really worried about my future — they should be worried about these two games.But they’re not. They just want an answer to a question and I’m not going to give them it.”

In our opinion, this sounds much like the words we would expect to hear from someone who has not received any reassurance of being retained. The Socceroos have been the Cardiac Kids of world soccer, always seemingly able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and instead of playing at a level that would earn them automatic entry into the World Cup, playing at a level that sees them consistently on the brink of disaster.

Some of Postecoglou’s critics seem to think that his aggressiveness is the source of the Socceroos’ issues of late, but he simply stated that changing the formation is something he does out of routine.