Ruggers Holmes and Taumalolo Trialing for NFL Jobs

What have ye wrought, Jarryd Hayne?

Valentine Holmes and Jason Taumalolo are planning on trialing for NFL jobs, but Cronulla Captain Paul Gallen is of the opinion that it is a ply on the part of the pair’s manager to assist them in wringing more money from the coffers of the NRL.

Holmes of the Sharks and Taumalolo of the Cowboys, rather than returning from London following the conclusion of the Four Nations tournament, went instead to Los Angeles for a one-day trail being held by the NFL.

Both players, along with sharing the same players’ manager, are off contract next year and need to do whatever they deem necessary to enhance their value.

Given the outcome of Hayne’s attempt, it is not easy to take the potential code hop all that seriously. Holmes is small by NFL standards, particularly in the upper body, not even close to Hayne in that regard.

Both are unquestionably superb athletes, as was/is Hayne, but the learning curve to transition from rugby to gridiron, along with the simple fact that this is the NFL and not some pickup league or small college operation, makes the switch a highly improbable feat.