Shanghai Open No Country for Nick Kyrgios

John McEnroe, Jr., more widely known in these parts as Nick Kyrgios, is up to his old hijinks in China, walking off the court and quitting his first round match in the Shanghai Masters.

It is not known with certainty at this point, but he will probably be banned for the season. He will in all probability, however, seek a refund from the sports psychologist who failed to counsel him effectively last year in ways to maintain his composure.

The tennis powers might decide to send Kyrgios an even stronger message this go, meaning that perhaps Kyrgios will not have to pull out of the Brisbane Open, as he did last year, in order to be available to be shunned by the NBA and its Celebrity All Star Game, as he was last year.

Is there a discernible pattern emerging here?

Our advice to Mr. Kyrgios: Stay out of China, mate. Bad things happen to you there. Pick some other country to visit. At the very least, avoid the Shanghai Open.

He may need to avoid Ireland, however, as it was the umpiring of Irishman Fergus Murphy, who Kyrgios apparently called “a joke,” before storming off and abandoning the match against Steve Johnson.

Standing on the shoulders of giants is an excellent base for exceeding the strides of said giants, and Kyrgios’ most recent actions almost make McEnroe seem tame by comparison.

He was caught on video abusing the umpire, apparently resorting to some language that contained expletives, and threatening to quit the match if replays of the call with which he had issues proved the lines calls to be wrong.

Apparently, the trigger for this latest incidents occurred when late-arriving spectators were permitted to seek their seats while Kyrgios was serving with the lead in a first set tiebreaker.

Shanghai officials copped to it being a mistake to do so, but Kyrgios, already agitated from an earlier moment, exploded at this latest attack to his identity.

Mark Knopfler might have been prescient when he penned the lyrics, “You don’t want yourself an incident, don’t ever invade China.”