Soccer in the U.S. Proves Lucrative for Liverpool Legend Gerrard

Those rare Liverpool supporters amongst us may not have shed actual tears, but merely gone misty-eyed over the new that Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has called time on his football career.

Like many before him, and many to follow, Gerrard went to the United States, where soccer pitches are paved with gold and money trees are not simply in orchards, but in money forests as well.

Gerrard is calling time after a 38-game sojourn with the LA Galaxy of the Major League Soccer (MLS) circuit. Gerard has been mum concerning his future career plans, but it could be speculated that should he plan to pursue a coaching career, he would be wise to do it in the States, where the money is against stratospherically high and the fans forgiving.

Gerrard was the number two best-compensated player in MLS, receiving in excess of $US 6 million for an annual salary. The LA side also had two other players in the top 10, number seven Robbie Keane and number eight Giovani Dos Santos.

The three combined accounted for almost $US 15 million, but in order to threaten for the top spot, they would have had to lose half their names, as the top prize goes to Kaka, the former Ballon d’Or winner.