Super Bowl LII Lineup Appears to be All about Halftime Show

Super Bowl LII (52) is all set and for NFL fans not living on the East Coast of the U.S., it looks to be a ho-hum game.

The New England Patriots came back once again from the brink to overtake the Jacksonville Jaguars, earning their way into their kajillionith consecutive Super Bowl.

At least that game was compelling, save for those who do not care for Belichick, the coach, not the Danny O’Brien-trained gelding by Star Witness.

There are those who think the Belichick, the coach, closely resembles in personality the hindquarters of Belichick, the horse, or the hindquarters of any horse, for that matter, but he does have his share of detractors, perhaps more than he deserves, were it not for some pesky cheating issues that seems to dog the New England Patriots.

The NFC Championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings was a true dog of a game. It was essentially decided, if not by the middle of the second quarter, by the end of the first half, after which viewers switched off in droves. The stink put up by Minnesota was nearly tangible, especially after the Eagles seemed vulnerable in a narrow win the week previous.

Super Bowl LII will be played in the home stadium of the Vikings. The NFL generally prefers warm climes for its showstopper game, but the Vikings’ ground in an enclosed dome, so no issue with weather there.

Early bookie markets have the Patriots favoured by 4.5 points, but that market could shift substantially between now and February 4, (Feb. 5 AEDT).

The halftime show will feature lip-synching by Justin Timberlake, hopefully assisted by Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. That pair came to the rescue of what may consider the worst halftime show of all-time, the lacklustre 2016 show featuring Cold Play.

Timberlake has been the halftime artist on two other occasions. He was part of the famous “wardrobe malfunction” show of 2004, the incident that destroyed the career of Janet Jackson.