Sydney Kings Coach Will Weaver’s Hand Up for Boomers in Tokyo

It might be reasonable to speculate that the Boomers wanted Brett Brown for a coach at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to provide that extra nudge that will push Ben Simmons to wear yellow.

It just might work and the indications are that Simmons wants to play representative basketball.

Between now and then, however, lies the balance of the long NBA season and Simmons could have every intention of playing Olympic hoop, only to find that there are things outside his control.

We are thinking injury here and we would hate to see anyone cruelled, such as Simmons busting a ligament in some meaningless regular season NBA fixture against one of the NBA bottom dwellers.

On a related note, the NBA is floating ideas for shortening the regular season fixture from 82 to 78 games and having a mid-season tournament with team-on-team play.

Returning to Brett Brown and the topic of the Boomers’ preparations for Tokyo, Sydney Kings’ coach Will Weaver is interested in joining Brown’s Olympic staff, but Brown has some time to decide on his assistants.

Weaver told reporters, in remarks picked up by the AAP, “There’s never been anything more special to me than working with the Boomers. A big part of that is because of what’s been established by Matt Nielsen, Mark Bradtke and Brad Newley – he’d be hot if he was included with those old heads.But that’s the truth. It’s a special thing and has been for a long time. I’ll always put my hand up to be part of the Boomers.”

Weaver worked with Brown with the Philadelphia 76ers as the video coordinator. Yes, Weaver is one of the few who could get the tape machine to stop blinking 12:00.

There are high expectations that the Boomers can win a medal in Tokyo, something they have never done. They have been clawing forward though, showing nicely in the 2016 Rio Games and the recent FIBA 2019 Basketball World Cup.

As for the idea floated by the NBA of a tournament, they could abstain for 2020, as the Olympic basketball competition will feature as many NBA players as can be persuaded to participate.

The Boomers objective in Tokyo is a worthy one. All the conversation regarding the metal composition of the medals awarded iscentred on gold.