Tiger Woods Wins Fifth Masters with Steady Final Round 70

One of our brief forays into video gaming, quite a few years in the past now, was a Tiger Woods golf game.

We had hoped to use it to bond with our children. We knew the actual game of golf from many years on actual courses. The video game version was quite different, but we assumed that we could learn at a reasonable pace as time permitted.

The kids saw it otherwise and soon had played to the point of having all manner of hacks and magic shots and clubs, such as we thought they were soon going to shoot an 18.

One of the courses available for play was Augusta National in Georgia. The graphical depiction of the holes was quite true to life and having watched The Masters on television for four decades, we knew our ways around the track, but were so far behind to the kids on the learning curve that we soon abandoned the video game version of golf.

It was actually more frustrating than the actual game.

That was 15 years in the past, now, so it was a serendipitous coincidence that Tiger Woods won the 2019 edition of The Masters 15 years after he won his fourth in 2005.

Not even the most dedicated of Tiger Woods fans thought they would see him win another Major. He is 43 and even the most phenomenal golfers win much beyond the age of 40.

Jack Nicklaus was 46 when he won his last Masters and final Major in 1986.

Australians may remember 1986 as the year Greg Norman went into the final round of The Masters with the lead, squandered it with a double bogey on the 10th hole, and then staged a remarkable recovery that included four consecutive birdies on holes 14 to 17, only to miss a par putt on the 18th that would have earned him a spot in a sudden death playoff.

Tiger Woods would have been eight years old that year.