Top AFL Recruits Simpkin and Witherden Survive Adversity

Break a leg is an old theatre expression conferring wishes of good luck, but in the case of athletes, breaking a leg would typically be deemed bad luck.

Such an injury should undoubtedly affect the draft prospects of a young man aspiring to fame and fortune in the AFL, should it not?

It does not appear to be the case for Jy Simpkin or Alex Witherden, both of whom are expected to attract recruiter attention during the National draft.

No, the bad news comes in the form that being a highly sought recruit more than likely indicates an apprenticeship on the lower rungs of the ladder.

Simpkin broke his leg in April whilst playing for Scotch College, forcing him to miss the Under 18 Championships. In May, Witherden experienced a similar misfortune, breaking his leg in two places playing for Geelong College.

Simpkin is expected to go in the first round, exactly where is not certain, but he probably hopes he is still around when some of the winning teams get around to making their first selection.

Witherden is a defender who can make plays and he is evoking comparisons to Brendon Goddard. He has been screened by the AFL in order to ascertain his recovery.