Wallabies Too Little Too Late Results in 29 – 25 Loss to Wales

Japan exudes an aura of prosperity, but it is a façade only, as they nearly had their electric service shut off during the 2019 Rugby World Cup match in Tokyo between Australia and Wales.

It was only a partial blackout and match referee Romain Poite rightly concluded that there was enough light to play rugby football.

Wales won the game 29 – 25, withstanding a Wallabies comeback in the second half after trailing that saw Australia come back from the dead at 23 – 8 at the main break.

The Wallabies stunk up the joint in the first half. There were numerous delays for TMOs and some failed HIAs, one at least, so the game had a little bit of everything.

The win was significant for Wales in that it seemingly places them on the easier side of the knockout draw, where they can avoid England and/or New Zealand until the final.

Say what you will about playing football in Japan during September, but the attendance figures that have been posted make it seem as though this one tournament will outdraw the entire Super League competition.

Almost 50,000 came out to see two of the better sides in the competition and they were rewarded with a thriller, as the quality of the games improves as the tournament progresses.

For Australia, the loss put them on a collision course with New Zealand and England, which it is safe to say they probably would prefer a different scenario.

Australia have been plagued by slow starts. They trailed Fiji at the half in their first game, but managed to mount a successful comeback.

Not so this time and it is certain the Wallabies would welcome a chance to play with the lead when they run out to play Uruguay.