We Could Not Afford the Feather for Warne’s Baggy Green Cap

We do not possess any inkling of how much Shane Warne’s cricket cap will attract at auction, but give the bloke credit.

We might have to modify our opinion of Warne, as we have often viewed him as a relentless self-promoter and a person a little too willing to weigh in from the sanctuary of retirement.

We will even supply him with the benefit of the doubt and take the perspective that he is not using the growing bush fire catastrophe to gain extra traction.

Even celebrities in the U.S., many of them with connections to Australia via one channel or another, are joining the cause, if the speeches at the recent Golden Globe Awards ceremony in Los Angeles are any indication.

Here’s the thing.

With the possible exception of Canada, it is hard to find a country with more supporters than Australia.

It certainly is an unfortunate tragedy that is taking place across the east as bush fires rage, people are losing their lives and property and the situation appears hopeless.

Even more unfortunate, however, is that there are multiple spots in the world where much worse is going on, more lives are being lost and thousands die as the result of drought, famine and “ethnic cleansing,” which is a term used to mildly describe slaughter and genocide.

We hope some deep-pocketed person of influence is willing to pay a healthy sum for the rights to Shane Warne’s cap. The proceeds of the auction will go to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery fund and there is no question that the Red Cross directs most contributions efficiently.

Warne has pledged to issue of certificate of authenticity to the successful bidder, which is reassuring.

We had a look and saw the current bid on the Baggy Green at $315,000 and at this moment, the auction has another three days to run. There have been hundreds of bids from yesterday since the auction went live. It required less than 90 minutes for the bids to cross the $100,000 threshold.