CrownBet In Detail

Betting in sporting events and racing is an international phenomenon despite the fact that gambling or betting in any form is strictly restricted in many jurisdictions. Luckily, Australians do not face any such restriction, making Australia one of the biggest markets for sports and racing gambling activities.

There are several international bookmakers operating in Australia. CrownBet however, is a 100% Australian Bookie specialising in both sporting events and racing. CrownBet (ex BetEasy) now owned by James Packer since 2014, was re branded in 2015 and allows sports fans and punters to bet on their favourite events through a very polished online betting interface.


They also allow phone betting. Whether it is horse racing, greyhound racing or sporting events like AFL, NRL, Super Rugby, cricket or other sports, CrownBet customers get a wide array of choices to work with. CrownBet has long been a proud sponsor of Australian sports and racing events. However, they are known for sponsoring races and sports that are mostly bet on by their customers.

If someone wants to judge the quality and trustworthiness of CrownBet, they can do so simply by looking at their website. However, not the only qualitative parameter, CrownBet’s website is one of the most professional websites present in the world of gambling.

Licensed under Northern Territory Government, CrownBet is located in Darwin but also has a satellite office operating from country’s capital, Sydney. The bookmaker has always given strong focus on the security and privacy of their customer information.

That is one of the primary reasons why CrownBet strictly adheres to the Northern Territory Code of Practice for Responsible Gambling.

The site was originally launched back in 2005, the bookie’s official website has registered a steady growth when it comes to adding markets and promotional offers. While they focus mostly on racing events, sports fans are not neglected in any way. Join CrownBet - $500 First Deposit Bonus. Bonus Bets can been found at

The bookmaker offers a wide selection of Aussie and world sports. AFL, NRL, Super Rugby, motor sports, MMA, handball, snooker…well, the list actually continues, reflecting the sheer depth of market coverage.

What Makes CrownBet Standout From The Herd?

There are several factors that make CrownBet one of the most trusted and sought-after bookies operating on Aussie soil. Let us take a quick look into some of the most interesting features of the bookmaker:


Instant Access To Your CrownBet Winnings

CrownBet now introduce the Visa Pre-Paid card linked to your CrownBet account thus making your betting experience so much more easier so much so you can use the card where Visa is accepted anywhere in the world.

Main Points For The CrownBet Visa Card

  1. Quick and easy to apply
  2. Instant Access
  3. Use the card in over 200 countries
  4. Fast way to pay for purchases
  5. Use the card anywhere anytime
  6. No load fees
  7. Safe and secure

crownbet card

Final Conclusion:

Yes, CrownBet is highly recommended. There is absolutely nothing wrong when it comes to overall operations. There may be a few glitches here and there but again, something that is not good for one person may be good for someone else. This has a simple explanation!

Taste and preferences of individuals differ. For example, someone may find the website to be uninteresting and someone else may not like the idea of getting access to weekly bonus bets only when he or she interacts with CrownBet blog or Facebook Page.

Bottom line is that CrownBet has a business model that differs from other bookmakers and hence, there will be differences but they are definitely not drawbacks. We highly recommend CrownBet for those who are into serious sports and race betting. $500 First Deposit Bonus Bet - Join Here