Ladbrokes InfoHub

Hardware technology has on various occasions, plateaued, due to a lack of any major breakthroughs in design or manufacture, as less-than-stellar sales figures for the most recent generation of smartphones would imply. Join Ladbrokes

Creativity in the functions of these devices, however, continues to progress at breakneck speed, and no more valid proof of this exists than in the recent innovation by Ladbrokes, which they have dubbed InfoHub.

Online bookmakers have a reputation of being amongst the most creative forces in the software end of the technology sector, introducing applications that migrate into the more staid sectors once these applications prove their value in the entertainment arena.

Online punters now have at their fingertips a source of information that at one time would have required large, climate-controlled rooms bristling with cables and mainframe computers.

Ladbrokes InfoHub

Sublime Beauty Of InfoHub Is Its Simplicity

For any wagering market for which Ladbrokes has InfoHub enabled, of which there are plenty and the number is rapidly expanding, all anyone has to do is rotate their mobile device from the portrait to the landscape mode to unlock terabytes of useful wagering information.

When the AFL and NRL get underway, those markets will be available. At the present time, all the racing codes will offer some markets with InfoHub enabled and those will expand moving into autumn.

International markets are part of the package, including the NBA and NCAA for hoops fans, the NFL for gridiron aficionados, more ice hockey leagues than we care to list, with the same true for soccer of all levels.

The depth of information available, even for sports and races that are not exactly mainstream, is nothing short of astounding.

The Basics Of How InfoHub Functions

  1. Select a market
  2. If the InfoHub icon is displayed, rotate the mobile device to landscape mode. The main page of InfoHub will open
  3. Tap one of the categories to unlock the information contained therein - The categories vary slightly for racing and sports, but there are enough similarities that a few minutes with either is all it will take to become completely comfortable with navigating InfoHub
  4. After you have gathered the information you desire, tap on the odds for a market. That market is automatically added to the bet slip
  5. Continue to research markets, or go to the bet slip, enter the desired stake and submit the wager(s)

Ladbrokes InfoHub

That Is All There Is To It

The purpose of having all of the information InfoHub makes available is to enable punters to make the most informed wagering decisions possible in the briefest amount of time.

One section present for both sports and racing shows where the money is flowing, so it is possible to mimic the wagers of extremely knowledgeable professional punters, at least as far as their picks, if not their stakes, are concerned.

InfoHub is destined to become indispensable to punters who want to enhance their chances of making good selections and it is such a game changer that it would not be going out on a limb to say that other bookmakers will soon deploy their own imitations, or risk losing their clients to Ladbrokes.