Neds Bookmaker In Detail

Neds is the newest online bookmaker to show up on Australian punters’ screens. For quite some time, it seemed as though the homegrown online bookmakers were being swallowed up by the big internationals, which was indeed the case in many instances, but Australians bring a unique perspective to everything they do, so it was only a matter of time before the pendulum swung in the other direction. Join Neds Today & Receive a Bonus Up To $300 - Deposit $250 Get $300.00 When Joining

Neds is a result of that swing; an Australian bookmaker that is willing to take on the big international agencies and fight for a toehold in the challenging marketplace represented by online wagering.

We propose to take a look at the Neds operation, from the perspective of someone with some modest technical skills, so far as using the internet and the necessary technology is concerned, but little to no online wagering experience.

What follows are mostly subjective observations, with some pertinent information regarding the nuts and bolts of the Neds operation gleaned from the Neds website and some third party sources.

Neds Website

Apparently, Neds has chosen the colour orange as a main theme.

When we entered into our browser’s URL window, we were taken to one of the cleanest, uncluttered and downright stunning landing pages we have yet encountered in dozens of bookmaker reviews.

Disclosure-we were using a desktop computer with a high definition 610 mm monitor and we know that almost everyone relies on mobile devices for most of their day-to-day computing needs, but we will delve into that further on in this review.

What greeted us was a stunning photo of a thoroughbred that seemed almost to leap off the screen. The jockey was wearing an orange helmet and it seemed as though the image had been colour-altered to make the turf take on an orange tint. There is a large, clear logo, simply designed, that says, “Bet With the New Champ.” Directly beneath were two bars that said, “It’s Time to Bet.” The lead horse in the image appeared to be poised to run through the logo.

Sorry to spend so much time on that, but we found the image mesmerising and would gladly consider leaving it on our screen for hours on end.

In the top right hand corner were two simple links, one for logging in and one for signing up. Down the left edge were four large tabs arranged vertically and labeled, top down, Racing, Sports, Live Betting, Promotions and How To.

Compared to the garish designs of some of the other online agencies, we found ourselves refreshingly pleased.

Racing Tab

We clicked on the racing tab and were quickly taken to another cleanly designed page that showed the traditional three-column layout that makes it so easy to find markets.

The left column basically replicated the tabs we found on the landing page. Beneath that were featured events of racing and sports, so anyone will be able to navigate the Neds website within seconds of opening the racing pages.

As this review was being prepared, thoroughbred racing of high status is pretty quiet, but the Magic Millions was just a few days away, and the 2YO Classic and 3YO Guineas were front and centre.

We decided to avail ourselves of the opportunity to do a racing odds comparison between Neds and some of the others. We can report that the prices quoted were identical to those being quoted by other agencies, but what we liked in particular was that scrolling down under the field for the 2YO Classic, we encountered a succinct explanation of various Neds bonus bets types that provided multiple options for devising a betting strategy.

The top of the page contained some helpful comments about some of the runners. In the middle of the page, tabs were supplied for the field, another, titled “money tracker” showed the number of bets and the size of the money on each runner. “Fluctuations” showed a graphic that showed the odds on the various horses as the betting has developed.

“Featured Bets” displayed bets as they came in in real time. On our visit to this section, we saw that Ef Troop had attracted $550 at $4.8 fixed. This page updated several times as we were watching and we saw money coming in on Jonkers and Sunlight.

Next was a tab labeled “Form Guide,” which we found informative beyond what we would expect of a race for juveniles.

Finally, “Speedmap” showed us how the various horses in the field preferred to race and told us to expect Nomothaj to be on the speed, with the favourite, Sunlight not far off and Skyray and Whiskey Shooter looking to make strong stretch runs from the back of the pack.

Two clicks of the back button took us back to the Home page, where we next selected “Sports” to have a look at Neds’ offerings there. We need to mention that the AFL and the NRL are offseason as this was being prepared, so we had a quick glance at cricket, which we fail entirely to fathom and the NFL, which is in the height of its playoff season.

We found Neds offering 29 markets for a Big Bash League match between the Sydney Thunder and the Perth Scorchers. They had the Thunder priced at $1.93 and the Scorchers at $1.88, compared to Ladbrokes, which had the two sides even at $1.91, with just the one market. UBET had 19 markets for Thunder v Scorchers, with both teams quoted at $1.90.

Bit Of An Edge To Neds, There

For the NFL playoffs, again, slight edge to Neds in terms of odds and number of markets compared to Ladbrokes and UBET.

Subjectivity creeps in again here. The layout of the Neds pages for NFL games was so above and beyond Ladbrokes (a complete mess) and UBET (better than Ladbrokes but inferior to Neds), that there is almost no comparison.

Back To Neds Home Page

The next tab on the Neds home page was for Live Betting.

The page led off with some in play markets for the Australian Open. Neds is in much the same position as all the other domestic agencies so far as live betting is concerned. Australia requires punters to phone in bets for in play markets and we often find ourselves wondering how much longer this archaic practice is going to continue.

Log In To Promotions

It requires a log in to see Neds promotions.

They mention daily promotions and based on our observations of the other parts of Neds’ operation; we can only say that our expectation would be that Neds does no less than an adequate job is this department.

From third parties, we know that Neds promotes a $300 maximum first bet match in bonus bets, but as a Northern Territory licensed bookmaker, very few punters will be eligible. This has been a common finding over the years we have spent reviewing bookmakers.

Neds How To Sections

The last section is titled “How To.”

It contains all the information anyone could need in terms of using Neds Bet Boost and Multi Builder functions, as well as a well-designed FAQ and help section.

Neds can also be contacted directly via online messaging. They offer live chat along with telephone numbers for customer support and live betting.

Neds Mobile Wagering

Neds offers mobile applications for Android and iPhone devices. Curiously, none of the Neds pages we visited contained a link to the mobile platforms. These are generally displayed prominently on every other bookmaker website we have visited.

We did find a way to download the apps from the Neds Help Section without too much bother. We can report that Neds has a responsive design that tailors the layout of the apps to the screen size of the mobile device, so it will display slightly differently if viewed on a tablet, as compared to a phone.

We later discovered that it is possible to scroll down the home page below the stunning photo that captivated us, where we found links for the apps. This solved our conundrum.

It was here that we learned that Neds works through Visa, MasterCard, POLi and BPay so far as banking functions are concerned. We also learned that Neds carries the endorsements of the AFL, NRL, Rugby Australia, Tennis Australia, Cricket Australia and the PGA Tour.

Some Other Neds Details

Neds is run by Dean Shannon, former chief executive of Ladbrokes Australia and founder of, which he sold to Ladbrokes in 2013.

The takeaway here is that Neds is not being run by people with no previous experience in the industry. Shannon has seemingly taken stringent measures to ensure a first-rate punting experience for clients that clearly put some of the other bookmakers to shame.

Other details, such as minimum deposit, minimum wager and maximum payout are in line with industry expectations.


We can offer no reasons why anyone would want to shun Neds and many reasons to say that it would be hard to go wrong with a Neds membership.

This may be the best racing site we have seen and the sports are no less than adequate. We look forward to looking again at Neds when AFL and NRL play resumes. Neds seems to have taken the deliberate tactic of launching just after those two fixtures concluded for 2017, perhaps to iron out any kinks and be ready when footy and top level thoroughbred racing resumes. Joining Bonus Up To $300 - Deposit $250 Get $300.00 Join Here