SportChamps In Detail

Punters who have grown jaded with the same old same old of online wagering might want to consider establishing a membership with SportChamps. Join SportChamps Today

They got their start in late 2017 and added a wrinkle that almost seems lifted from the United States, where online sports wagering is still limited. The smarties over there discovered a loophole where punters could compete with each other via competitions where an entry fee was charged, with cash prizes awarded to the best players.


The name with which most people will be familiar is Draft Kings.

Others may recall Fan Duel. The two companies attempted to merge in late 2016, but the deal fell through when the Federal Trade Commission declared that the merger would give control over 90 percent of the market to the one company.

At any rate, players compete in fantasy sports contests and since fantasy sports somehow managed to be classified as games of skill, not gambling, the industry thrived.

SportChamps may or may not have been simply imitators, but the success of fantasy sports contests in the U.S. was a prime incentive.

Without the restrictions on gambling, SportChamps followed a similar route, without any of the whinging over whether it was a game of skill or a game of chance.

Here is some information about SportChamps, solely for the enlightenment of anyone who is ready to try something different.

Alan Eskander, the man behind Betstar, which he sold to Ladbrokes in 2014, is the driving force at SportChamps. The agency is licensed by the Northern Territory Government and has its office in Melbourne.

In actual practice, using SportChamps is simple. Most any tournament a player decides to enter is funded by SportChamps with $10,000 in virtual cash, which is called ChampCash. SportChamps requires players to spread ChampCash over at least five bets of $250 or more.

Profits from successful punts are calculated to create player standings and winnings are paid according to where a punter winds up on the ladder.

SportChamps Competitions Feature Three Types Of Payouts

Top Percentage tournaments have prizes awarded, depending on the specific rules of the particular contest, to the top 25 or 40 percent of the players.

Players with the highest standing on the ladder receive higher prize money and contests with the most participants offer the biggest prize pool.

Double Up Tournaments reward the top 45 percent of participants double the amount of the entry fee.

Winner Takes All is self-explanatory and is the final type of contest offered by SportChamps.

There are some interesting wrinkles included, depending on the rules of each competition. A player can lose the entire allocation of ChampCash, but re-buy another allocation. The details vary from contest to contest, but they are clearly divulged on the information page for the contest in question.

Punters have the option of participating with multiple entries in the same contest.

The social media aspect of SportChamps enters the picture when punters communicate with one another with chat or instant message. It is also possible to create and invite friends to a private tournament.


SportChamps Small Stake

SportChamps take a cut of any stakes raised, and distributes the rest as actual cash prize money. Join SportChamps Today

There are some free tournaments aimed at getting new clients on board. Paid competition entry fees range from $2 to $100 and prize pools vary from $50 for the free tournaments to $5,000 for the $100 entry fee tournaments.

Quite a departure from the more conventional online bookmaking operations, which not only take a percentage of the winnings, but also keep any stakes from losing punts.

Our visits to the SportChamps website were actually quite enjoyable. It is a simple, three-step process to participate. The first is to enter a tournament or multiple tournaments. Next, place bets. Finally, collect any winnings.

Our most recent visit in early December of 2018, compared to an earlier one, showed 18 active tournaments. There was just one offering the ability to create a private tournament. That one was a season-long tournament based on the English Premier League. This was limited to win betting only and it also had the most entries.

Second most entries went to the NBA and this was also a tournament that spanned the entire season.

There were 10 tournaments for racing fans, so despite the name, SportChamps also caters to that set of punters.

At the time of this review, the SportChamps websites was offering tournaments for Racing, Soccer, NFL, NBA and cricket. Some of those will be replaced and it is certain that the AFL and NRL will have SportChamps contests when those seasons come along.

They claim to offer over 500 tournaments every week and in addition to those tournaments we mentioned above, there can also be tournaments for baseball and golf.

The other claim on the website was that for this month of December 2018, $400,000 in prizes was up for grabs.

It only takes $1 to establish a membership, but the lowest entry fee for any of the paid tournaments is $2, so you will have to come up with another dollar if you want to play for real.

We did not see any mobile apps, but judging from our visits to the website, there is no need of any. The website should function just fine on smart phones. SportChamps also work through Facebook and Twitter, so obviously mobiles will work just fine.

It might be something of a stretch to describe SportChamps as a bookmaker, at least in the traditional sense. If you want to have a punt on some market for which there is no tournament, you will go wanting, unless you can round up a group of cohorts interested in creating a tournament, but we have to default back to what we said earlier about the EPL being the only ongoing market for which a private tournament could be created.


Final Conclusion

If the success of Draft Kings in the U.S. is any indication, SportChamps is onto something, even though Australia fully embraces online wagering.

It will be interesting to observe how the company evolves over the coming months, but based on the increase we observed in the number of tournaments between our visits to the website, it would be safe to say that growth is in the SportChamps’ future. Join SportChamps Today