TAB In Detail may not be the glitziest of all the bookmaker choices, but punters will definitely enjoy the security of wagering with a bookie run by Tabcorp. Join TAB Here

Tabcorp is the leading wagering operation in the entire country by many metrics and offers the benefit of having passed the stringent requirements required to gain a listing on the Australian Stock Exchange.

The company runs the gamut of wagering types with an extensive offering of brands that includes not only, but also TAB, Keno, Trackside and Sky Racing.

The company got its start back in the 1960s as a Victoria-based operation and has grown to the extent that nearly three million customers have had or currently have some sort of relationship, either the occasional punt, or more frequent bets.

A major expansion took place in 2004 when Tabcorp absorbed New South Wales’ Tab Limited and the combined entity now runs the largest totlisator pools in the country.

Punters who enjoy having options will appreciate that in addition to online wagering services, there are close to 3,000 retail establishments in the eastern states, combined with on-course facilities at more than 200 racecourses.

Here are some of the key features that make a viable candidate for any member of the wagering public. Odds

Being the biggest has its advantages. One of those is highly competitive odds for every code covered.

Another advantage is the security afforded by dealing with the largest operator in Australia, which leads to fixed odds and tote betting on all three racing codes. Those who favour sports betting typically have at their disposals thousands of markets, including the most popular codes, such as the AFL and the NRL, along with some of the more arcane codes, so anyone interested in finding a punt will have zero issues.

A unique feature that arises from the agency having the largest totlisator pools to be found anywhere. The beneficiaries are those racing punters who like to play the exotic wager types. For one, the large pools mean that exotic payouts are often larger than with other bookies. The true advantage, though, is that in certain races, if there is no winner of the trifecta, first 4, Quaddie or Big 6, the pool is carried ahead to a jackpot race, which has its prize pool boosted to a degree that a successful punter in the jackpot race has greatly boosted dividends. Join TAB Here

Wagering Platforms

This is one of the chief considerations for many.

The website is not the equal of say, Neds, in terms of sheer beauty, but that does not detract from the reality that anyone can use the site efficiently and enter wagers quickly and accurately. We found pages loading quickly and without too much extraneous noise creating distractions.

The mobile app, which is where many go to enter their wagers, is simple and well designed to function with the smaller screens of mobile phones.

Visitors simply select from Racing and Sport to drill down to the market they are seeking with just a few taps. Simplicity is the watch word here, as those of us who are late to the smart phone revolution do not see so well as to trust our eyes, and the mobile app did not require any squinting, except in bright sunlight, where the necessity of squinting is beyond the control of the betting operator.

Live Streaming

Customers with wagering accounts in good standing can live stream of racing that can be enjoyed on a computer or mobile device.

Sky 1 provides excellent, high resolution streaming of Thoroughbred, trotters and greyhounds suffer only from the limitation of being prohibited in Victoria and New South Wales. Those states have restrictions in place that prohibit video streaming, but punters can still listen to audio of the race call.

Sky 2 handles the international action, and while it is not the equal of Sky 1 in terms of resolution, it is enough to do the job. has a far superior live streaming option compared to the other bookmakers, restrictions and the graininess of Sky 2 aside, so any racing punter must consider an account with this agency a must.


Trackside is a virtual animated racing simulator.

It offers non-stop action on Thoroughbred and greyhound racing, along with the bet types found in actual racing. The benefit is that by betting on randomly computer-generated outcomes (think: video pokie), there is no messing about with such things as protests, track conditions, a jockey coming back light, or the condition of the track.

Punters in Victoria and New South Wales can participate in Trackside by going to one of the TAB retail outlets.

Other Features

Funding and withdrawals are competitive with the options offered by other operators.

Punters can call on the phone and speak with an actual person in cases where urgent assistance is required and there is also a large online help centre available to clients when those clients are logged into a valid account.

Final Conclusion

Racing punters who want to watch and listen to events consider an account with a must-have.

Newcomers will be attracted to the size and reliability of the agency and the security that provides in the midst of the uncertainty that is a natural characteristic of punting.

Having a trustworthy bookie is reason enough alone for having an account with and some of the other keen features could be considered the gilding on the lily, in a good sense, or the icing on the cake, in another sense. Join TAB Here