UBET Bookmaker In Detail

Australian punters do not lack for choices when it comes to betting agencies. All of the bookmakers are pretty good and for the occasional, recreational punter, the sort who comes out to have a plunge on the Melbourne Cup or one of the other major Australian sporting events, the choice is of little consequence. Join UBET - Deposit $50 Bet With $200.00

Even those punters who place dozens of wagers at a time, perhaps as many as several thousand per year, most bookie agencies will fit the bill nicely.


That said, we have been asked to have a closer examination of the online agency UBET.

What follows is our opinion and not a recommendation of UBET or an offer to establish a membership with UBET. Ultimately, the choice is yours and entry requirements are almost laughably low, so we see no reason against having memberships with multiple agencies, so long as you remember to gamble responsibly and view the activity as entertainment.

Online wagering is one of those things that seem perfectly adapted to the modern technology of the internet and powerful desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile phones, the sort of thing that often makes us wonder how we made our wagers before those things came along to impact every facet of our lives.

UBET falls into that category nicely, so here is some information and observations for your consideration.

UBET Origins

UBET is the name chosen for the rebranding effort of the Tatts Group. It was launched in 2015 as part of the Tatts Group’s effort to update its image. The corporation owns the Totalisator Agency Board agencies in Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory, so there is quite a bit of history of the sort that should make anyone comfortable knowing that they are dealing with a company that has been around.

Many punters enjoy the flexibility an agency such as UBET affords, since the company has storefront betting shops, handles betting via a telephone call centre, on-course betting counters and of course, its website.

A merger between Tattsbet and UniTab in 2006, followed by the acquisition of Tote Tasmania in 2011 and the rebranding as UBET in 2015 finds us where we are at today with UBET. Join UBET Today

UBET Website and Mobile Wagering Platforms

While a leisurely after dinner stroll to one of UBET’s retail locations might be a nice way to accomplish two goals, a bit of exercise and getting a punt on, most of the wagering business in Australia is conducted online, so we wanted to dive right into the UBET website.

Entering ubet.com into our browser, we were taken to a home page that many will enjoy for its clean, simple and elegant design. It features subdued colours and does not attempt to cram so much information onto one page that it requires squinting to find links.

One thing we found distracting was a six-image slide show that scrolled past far too quickly for us to read. We have seen this sort of thing on the websites of other agencies and we do not appreciate these one single bit.

On that same page are simple and clearly labeled links to various UBET features. We clicked on the racing tab and went to the racing home page, where thankfully, the slide show was over.

From there, we used a tab to move to Tomorrow’s Racing, where the tracks for Saturday’s racing were listed. Since this is being written just ahead of the Magic Millions meeting, we focused on Gold Coast, where we were mildly disappointed to discover that hovering above a race did not identify that race. Since we knew that the magic Millions 2YO Classic was the eighth race on the card, we were able to easily see Tote and Fixed Price quotes for the field.

Since we were on the page, we thought to avail ourselves of the opportunity to compare UBET odds with a couple of the other agencies. UBET was listing Sunlight at the $4 Fixed Price favourite. Ladbrokes had the identical price, while Neds, the most recent competitor in the online realm, was offering $4.20.

A $100 bet with UBET or Ladbrokes would return $400, while Neds would return $420. Neds seems like the better punt of these three agencies, unless their margin was dramatically above that of UBET and Ladbrokes.

This differentiation with regard to margins would be of significance for someone who does a lot of wagering. Lacking direct experience with any of these agencies, we are not qualified to supply guidance in this regard, other than to say that given the intense level of competition between the bookie agencies, we would be surprised if the difference in margins was so significant that it would steer us in the direction of one bookmaker over another.

We next decided to look at some of UBET’s sports markets. As this is being prepared during the AFL and NRL off seasons, we arbitrarily picked the NFL and the Australian Open to do a quick comparison of domestic and international markets.

So far as head-to-head betting for the four NFL playoff games for the upcoming weekend, the odds quoted by the three bookies in our comparison were so close as to be deemed negligible.

For the Australian Open, we found a similar scenario, with UBET offering the easiest navigation for the tennis matches, along with nice large fonts and clear, simple graphics.

Before we conclude this website comparison, we have to point out one UBET feature that is both superior and valuable to punters.

UBET offers Radio TAB audio and Race Vision video streams that Ladbrokes and Neds do not, so if we had to choose one agency, the clear choice would be UBET.


UBET Mobile Wagering

Since 2007, mobile wagering has slowly crept up to the extent that it is critical of a bookmaker and UBET shows up quite nicely in this regard. UBET has apps for iPads, iPhone and Android devices. Key features include an enhance Multis function that will automatically create up to a 10-leg multi using all available bet types and easy access to the apps via PIN or fingerprint authentication.

We have the UBET application on an Android phone and found it easy to navigate and fun to use. On a small screen, it does necessitate a few more taps, but that is not because of any fault of UBET, just simply the reality of using mobile devices for any function.

UBET had some generous odds in the futures market for the 2018 AFL Premiership, something we are tracking this upcoming season. They were offering $6 for the Adelaide Crows, compared to $5 on other websites we checked. Obviously, these quotes will shift as the season progresses, so we would not use the extra dollar on the Crows as a primary criterion for selecting a bookmaker.

Our overall impression is that we liked the UBET mobile platform, but for some of the more esoteric functions, such as using the UBET racing black book, we will stick with our desktop and large format monitors.

Other UBET Details

Our examination into such things as funding and withdrawal methods, minimum account size, minimum wager and turnover requirements found nothing untoward. We have come to expect such in the competitive environment of online bookmaking, to an extent that we no longer pay much heed to these details and save them for the end of our reviews.

UBET does offer 24/7 phone support, but so far as we could determine, they do not offer chat contact service. The online Help section and FAQs were typical for online bookmakers, which is to say, spending a half hour on this section of the UBET website will cover most of the pertinent details.


UBET’s website takes a few moments to which to become familiar, but once we got beyond the dreadful scrolling slideshow, we found it more than adequate from a functional perspective. UBET does not use the typical three-column layout, but hovering over the Racing or Sports tabs provides rapid access to the different codes.

UBET has numerous promotions that change with the seasons. They are known for offering promotions that offer actual cash credited back to a wagering account, something that will appeal to many punters.

We felt that the most compelling reason for having a UBET membership was the Radio TAB and Race View features. We also liked the UBET mobile app as we are inexorably dragged into the future of all computing being done on a mobile device, but until that time becomes a reality, we will enjoy using the UBET website when we need to do so. Join UBET Today